AFTA 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artist Participation Questions


Q: How can I participate?

A: Come into Howard's pick up your blank 5"x7" boards, either canvas or illustration board. Each board is a $5 donation to For Otis Sake. Take your boards home and create art on them. Bring your finished pieces of art back to Howard's by Sept. 14th. Your artwork will be framed and put into the silent auction which will run from Sept. 28 - Oct. 19. All proceeds from the auction go to For Otis Sake.


Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone can submit artwork to the show. Beginners and experienced artists are all welcome!  There are two categories to submit art in, professional and amateur.


Q: Can I pay for my boards with a credit card?

A: No. Please come prepared with cash or checks made out to For Otis Sake.


Q: What kind of board should I use or can I use my own?

A: We provide either canvas or illustration board. Canvas is best if you want to do acrylic or oil. Illustration board would be fine for any medium. If you would like to use your own substrate, we just ask that you make sure it is 5"x7", no bigger! If you have a piece of 5"x7" artwork on a bigger board or paper it will be trimmed down. If you use your own board you will still need to make a $5 donation for your entry.


Q: What does the subject matter need to be?

A: Often people ask if the subject matter needs to be animal related, but it does not. You can make the subject matter whatever you would like. We do ask that you keep in mind it is a family friendly event.


Q: What materials can I use to create my artwork?

A: You can use whatever you'd like to create your artwork, however, it must be able to fit into a 5"x7" frame and hung on the wall. If your artwork has 3D elements make sure the edges of the board are flat at least 1/4" in from the edges, so that it can rest in a frame. Also if it does have 3D elements, keep in mind that it will likely not get glass. We will not accept anything that can not fit into a 5"x7" frame.


Q: Are there any rules to be aware of when creating the artwork?

A: All artwork MUST be 5"x7" and MUST fit into a 5"x7" frame. All artwork MUST be turned in by or before Sept. 14th. Each piece of artwork must have a completed information label (provided by Howard's).


Q: When does the artwork need to be turned in?

A: All artwork needs to be submitted by or before Saturday, Sept. 14.


Q: How many pieces of artwork can I do?

A: You can create as many pieces of artwork as you'd like.


Q: Am I an amateur or professional?

A: That answer is completely up to you. Typically we say you are a professional if you have ever sold any of your work.


Q: Can I pick my own frame?

A: If you'd like to purchase your own 5"x7" frame for your artwork that is fine. It must be a frame that can be hung on the wall. If you bring us the painting unframed we will be choosing the frames. It gets really chaotic with hundreds of pieces artwork and matching frames, so unfortunately we cannot allow people to select their own frames.


Q: Are there prizes?

A: Yes! There will be a winner in both the Amateur and Professional category. There will be a Best of show winner and a popular choice winner in each category. Winners will receive gift cards to Howard's.


Q: Should I go to the receptions?

A: Of course you should! We encourage everyone to attend the receptions, however it is not a requirement to participate. The opening reception is a great chance to introduce yourself as one of the artists and see what other work is in the show. It is also a great chance to put in some initial bids. The "Tail-End" reception is particularly fun because there is a lot of hustle to get in your final bids, but also we announce the artists who won awards and hand out those awards!


Silent Auction Questions


Q: Who is this fundraiser benefiting?

A: This year Art for the Animals is raising money for the organization For Otis Sake. For more information about them please follow this link:


Q: How does the Silent Auction work?

A: Anyone who would like to participate in the silent auction receives a bidding number. The bidding number is used to place your bids. This year the bids will start as low as $5. Bidding runs the full length of the silent auction from Sept. 28-Oct. 19. The bidding will end at EXACTLY 7:30pm on Oct. 19. Yes, there will be a count down and yes, it does get a little crazy during the last minute. After the silent auction is over artwork winners will be contacted to pick up their work.


Q: When is the silent auction?

A: The silent auction runs from Sept. 28-Oct. 19. It ends at EXACTLY 7:30pm on Oct. 19 during the "Tail-End" reception.


Q: How do I bid?

A: You come into Howard's and ask for a bidding number. We will assign you a bidding number. Below or next to each piece of artwork is a bidding sheet. Bidders will write their bidding number on the sheet and then next to it, the amount they would like to bid. Bids can start as low as $5. All bids must be made in whole numbers. Bids that include cents/change will be rounded to the next highest whole dollar amount.


Q: How often can I bid?

A: You can bid as many times as you would like.


Q: Can I phone in bids?

A: We cannot accept phone in bids or bids through the internet. You must come in to the store and to bid on the artwork. You may however let someone else come in to bid for you.


Q: How do I know if my bids won?

A: We will contact all winners by phone and/or email with in a week of the "Tail-End" reception. After we call you can come pick up your artwork at anytime. Please bring cash or checks made out to For Otis Sake.


Q: Can I bid if I have artwork in the show?

A: Most definitely! You can even bid on your own artwork if you'd like.


Q: Should I go to the receptions?

A: Of course! The opening reception is a great chance to mingle, snack and meet some of the artists the created the work. The "Tail-end" reception is especially important if you REALLY want to make sure you won that one special piece. The bidding jumps up significantly on the last day and even in the last hour. So if you really want to piece of art make sure you are there!


Q: Are the receptions pet friendly?

A: Howard's is a pet friendly store in general. During the opening reception we'd love to see your furry friends! The "Tail-End" reception gets pretty hectic and the gallery gets pretty tight, so I would be careful when considering if you want to bring your pet.